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"You all are awesome! Fast, efficient, friendly. You even vacuumed my car and washed it. I was so proud to show it off. I brag about my experience to all I meet! Thank You!"

— Anonymous.

"We were very impressed by ABC's rapid response to all questions and remarkable rapid turn around time. This is an outstanding business! Definitely recommend!"

— Rebecca R.

"Jen was so awesome to work with during the entire process. She always kept me informed on the next step and even came to get my vehicle from work! Highly recommended!"

— Kileey Lueck.

"I have not seen any other repair shop that delivers the level of customer service that we received from auto body clinic. Kudos to your team nice work!"

— Dennis Heinz.

"Less than a week ago I hit a deer.... killed her and beat the trail blazer up. I was going to take it to a local shop when a friend said to take it to Auto Body Clinic. Thursday morning we talked about it, Thursday afternoon they BROUGHT me my rental (that they set up, a 2016 Dodge Caravan.... I may have to consider a mini van again 😅) from Huron and took the trail blazer back. I fully anticipated to have it for a week or better.

Monday they surprised me at 1:30 with a phone call saying they'd have my trail blazer back to me by 4or so!!! I have NEVER experienced such awesome customer service, speedy care and kindness! I highly recommend taking your vehicles to them for repair, I will be going back if I ever need to have work done again!!"

— Meghan P.

" Auto Body Clinic just finished repairing my husband's truck. They did the job quickly and looks absolutely amazing. We are so happy with the quality of work they did and how quickly it was back to us. I highly recommend ABC to anyone who needs vehicle repairs! When we were in an accident (with that same truck) back in 2015, it took us almost 2 months to get it back from a different repair shop. So needless to say, we were more than tickled with the return time."

— Angie Reindl

"I have had 2 of my vehicles repaired at Auto Body Clinic; one for hail damage (2012 F-250) and one for rear end damage (2015 Lacrosse). The paint was outstanding and looked as good as new. I can't (nor can anyone else) tells there was even any damage, let alone a partial repaint."

— Tom Verhey

"They worked hard to get the insurance company to pay for the damage done. And did an amazing job on my car. Will definitely go back for anything needed done on my vehicles! Thanks Cody, it was a pleasure to work with you!"

— Liz Zavesky

"Sure do enjoy doing business with these fine folks. This is a body shop you can trust to do the right thing."

— Bob Eickhoff

"This crew did an amazing job on my dad's car. Dad was very pleased with their work, and he is a tough one to please. They even cleaned the inside of the car which was a very nice surprise!"

— Mary Schmidt

"I really appreciate you taking care of me on both cars but what you did for my Honda was unexpected. Most body shops would only do the hail for that price. Not touch up all the paint that I messed up. Everyone that sees the Honda comments on how nice it looks! Thanks again for the gift card, but I am the one who owes you for the hook up."

— Ryan Grewe, Sioux Falls, SD

"I wanted to let you know how much I was pleased with the work that was done on my Explorer, the gifts and also the clean vehicle I got back.☺ That was a very nice surprise. You guys go above and beyond and did a great job. Thanks so much! If anybody asks me where to take their vehicles I will send them you way!☺ Thanks again!"

— Deb

"I am so impressed with the excellent customer service, not to mention the quality of the work done to my car. Good as new! Can't thank you enough."

— T. Smith

"Turned out great. ..thank you auto body clinic for getting a great finish on the hood."

— Tim P.

"Thank you Auto Body Clinic crew for the great service. You did an amazing job finishing the hood!"

—Eric H.

"Always professional! Always honest! Always does a wonderful job!"

— Rebecca Rink

"I don't know how you did it, but you go the bugs off our Tahoe. The bugs were from Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota & South Dakota! Thank you, it was GREAT to have a shiny clean vehicle. You also got the repair done quickly. Thanks for the loaner car, it was fun to drive."

— Belva Wedel

"I wanted to tell you that my wife was very pleased with the way the van looked. What really made her day though, was when she opened the door. She told me that she had wanted to vacuum it out before we went away for the weekend, but didn’t think she would find time. The bumper looks great – I was very happy with how well the paint matched, something that I imagine isn’t so easy to do with metallic paint. Thanks! "

— Jeff Noyes, Huron, SD

"My 2014 Taurus had a hit and run with not even the first oil change yet. Took it to Jeremy and his crew can’t even tell it happened. Excellent job!!!!!!"

— Lori Madsen Weber

"Our repair was affordable, high quality and fast. Jeremy made our car look new again! Thank you!!!"

— Carrie Anderson

"We were very pleased with the work done on our vehicle & the customer service was exceptional! Thank you Auto Body Clinic!"

— Gayle James Stahl

"The Lexus looks great and thanks for the awesome cleaning job & new smell inside! Greatly appreciated! Thanks Again!"

— Audra Blom, Platte SD